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There are many great charity projects that don't have enough resources. We support global grassroots with giving them a platform to collect money.

Our focus is to collect funding for education projects in developing countries as we see education as a key of development. The projects that we support give free education to children in different areas like English but also life skills, avoiding diseases and many others.

Also we provide poor children and their families with food and drinking water. The main reason for this is that we want to stop child labour to allow them to go to school.

Get Involved

We need your help to keep this project alive. There are many things you can to to change the lives of children all around the world.

You can donate to the global grassroots we support as well as directly to our platform.

You can also reach us a hand with becoming a volunteer in our projects or at our platform itself.


Cambodian charity that is based on a school to teach children in a small village in Cambodia with the help of volunteers.


This school was established for orphans and poor children in the community to provide free education and safe accommodation.


Right now we are checking and visiting Vietnamese charities. Soon we will add at least one charity project to support children in Vietnam.

Apply Here

If you are a project and you need some support feel free to apply at our contact form below. Maybe we can help you to raise attention and of course some money.

How We Change Lives

The Infinite Charity supports the education of poor children all around the world. But our projects don’t only include educational aspects. With the goal to support children we help with food programs, schoolarships, free drinking water, material and more.


We see education as a key of development! That's why we focus on projects that support the education of poor children.​

Stop Child Labour

In poor areas many families don't have enough money to survive. That's why kids in a really young age have to work and can not go to school. We wanna change that!

Food Programs

With giving food to poor communities we safe lives not only of children. Also we allow children not to have to work to provide their family with food so they have time to go to school.

Free Drinking Water

With installing water filters we provide communities with enough safe water. This is one of the basic needs of everyone but sadly many people don't have that.


We support schoolarships for students to allow smart children to go to school and change their community and their country.

And More

There are many problems that millions of children have to face every day. We support multiple projects that can be really different but that follow the same goal. To support the education of poor children!

Infinite Charity

The First Charity Where 100 Percent Arrives!

We collect funding for education projects in developing countries. The money goes directly to the global grassroots all around the world. In opposite to big organisations we don’t waste money at any point. We don’t need to pay for salary as everyone who is working on the project is a volunteer. All other costs are paid by sponsors and investors.

Charity Blog

Give Children Hope

Many children all across the world need help and it’s everyones responsibility to help them. Give children hope, change lives and directly see the impact of your donation with choosing one of our supported projects. We offer you all informations and whole transparency of of the projects.

Reaching Hand

Please also support our platform as we don’t take any money of the donations for the projects. If you support our platform you help us to reach more people and make our platform more popular. 

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Help and Become a Volunteer

Only with the help of volunteer we can keep this project alive and change lives of children all around the world. You can become a volunteer and help directly in on of our projects or help us to grow our platform with marketing, content writing and jobs like this. We are happy for any help and hope to grow our amazing team more and more!