The Story Of A Cambodian Teacher Who Is Changing Lives

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This is the story of a Cambodian teacher called Sovannarith Sok. He wrote the story himself to tell you about his life.

Sovannarith’s Story:

Hello. My name is Sovannarith Sok. I am a man. I am 37. I am a Cambodian. I was born in Phum Oh Village, Cambodia. I have 15 people in my family including my parents, eight siblings and 5 adapted children whose parents in the Cambodian civil war. All of them have not attended schools because the family situation was very, very hard at that time.

My family is very poor. We didn’t have enough food to eat even rice. We find individual ways to find foods in order to survive. In Cambodia, the ways that people can do to survive are collecting fish, pickup fruits, and digging potatoes, and some grow chickens in order to survive for years to years.

All family members had to find food everyday even though at day or at night. We didn’t have any ideas about education whether it can change our life and lead us to better life. One day I go to my uncle’s house and see him write something on the paper because he is a Phum Ou Primary School’s principal and I just stand nearby and watching him writing. Do you want to write? He asked me. You go to my school I teach you how to write like this, he added.

So I want to write like him so I go with him to his school and learn to write. For more content like this check out our blog! During my studies in my primary school, I do my best to support myself in all possible ways such as collecting fish and sell to exchange with some very small money and food.

I pick up fruits and sell to exchange with very small money and food just to supporting my study materials and family. I do this all the whole primary school from grade one until grade 6. I passed my grade six and I had to go to another school that is 8km far away from my village and I had to walk to school every day for a whole year.

Then when I was in grade six I started teaching in my village to kids and teens. During my study at grade seven there is no English teacher and the principal of Bakong High School ask all the students who know English? Nobody can answer Yes except me. So I started to teach English at my village and Bakong Pagoda and also other houses, schools, shops. Teaching English for a whole year I received 20$ for the principal and other teachers who learned English from me.

I used that money to buy a bicycle. It is still with me now. Now I quit all and stay in the free school to teach the children here. My present address is Lolei Village, Bakong Commune, Brasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. My wife’s name is Ear Ann called OL. She is 35 years old. I have four children.

My oldest daughter’s name is Pannareaksa Rith. She is 12 years old. She is in grade 7. My second daughter’s name is Chakriya Rith. She is 10 years old. She is in grade 5. My third daughter’s name is Reaksmey Rith. She is 7 years old. She is in grade 3. And my youngest son’s name is Norodom Rith. He is 3 years and 8 months old. I have my own house in Lolei Village.

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