How We Give Children Hope

Infinite Charity Support the Education of Poor Children and Change Lives

We are a charity platform that wants to give children hope and allow them to have a better life. Learn more about us, what we do and how you can help to give children hope in this article.

What is the Infinite Charity?

Infinite Charity is an online donation platform which guarantees 100% of your money will reach your chosen NGO. We only work with thoroughly verified and trusted projects which seek to make life changing improvements to children’s lives and education. We charge no processing fees and everyone who works for us is a volunteer to ensure that this is sustainable – this means every $1 you donate will reach your chosen project untouched. 

How It Was Founded

Whilst travelling the world on an unorthodox gap-year-of-sorts our founder Manuel Brandt endeavoured to engage with the hearts of each country and community he ticked off his list; when he arrived in Cambodia this meant heading straight to the village of Lolei where there was a place waiting for him to volunteer as an English teacher in a charity run school, Angkor Legacy Academy. Here the idea for Infinite Charity began to form.

This NGO was built on the generosity of strangers and that’s how it stays open; Sovanarrith depends on volunteers from across the world to volunteer to teach English to the 190 students that live in his village. With the help of people from all over the globe Angkor Legacy Academy enabled Sovannarith to educate a whole generation of Lolei children, supply his entire village with free drinking water and run a poverty prevention programme that keeps his students in school and out of work.

Small, independent NGOs such as this can flourish from small donations but there is currently no particular system that benefits them. We saw this and came up with a solution – Infinite Charity.

Unlike other charity organisations Infinite Charity takes zero fees from your donation – this means that if you donate $20 to Angkor Legacy Academy, it will receive $20. The same cannot be said for big corporations like UNICEF who do amazing work across the globe but have large overheads, or targeted donation sites like GoFundMe which are poorly regulated and charge heavy processing fees.

How We Help To Give Children Hope

If you choose to donate through Infinite Charity you can be sure that your money is reaching trusted hands; our team work hard to verify that all projects are official NGOs, that all projects are transparent with how your money is spent and that official papers and financial plans are uploaded to our site. By following these charities journey online you will see the difference that your money makes.

If you would like to make a big contribution to one of our handpicked NGOs you can learn more about them in the projects tab above.

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Harry Thomas

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The Infinite Charity connects donors with global grassroots around the world. 100% of the donations go to the children. We also help projects to find volunteers.

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