will my whole donation go to the project?

Yes! We want to give people the chance to donate to charity without losing money. What we do is just to give grassroots the chance to reach more people. The donation will go directly to the project.

How do you finance your project?

We are financed by sponsors who like the idea of the project and want to support it. As we don’t have paid employees and the projects are not our own, we can keep the costs low.

How can I help on the Infinite charity?

We are always looking for volunteers who help us with creating content, marketing or other things. You can apply here. Also you can directly donate for the platform to help us growing and reach more people with our amazing projects! You can donate here.

I still have questions what can i do?

We try to answer all questions in our frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions left you can just send us an email here. We try to answer you as soon as possible!

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